Tom and Ginnie Reynolds

Wakatobi 2008


We heard about Wakatobi from multiple divers we met in other locations. All raved about the condition of the reefs. It seems that the resort has purchased the fishing rights to a large stretch of reefs, and nobody else can dive there, much less fish. As the locals derive considerable income from the resort as well as electricity, the locals, themselves, protect the reefs from outside poachers.

Wakatobi is a first rate operation both on Bali and at the resort.

The Bali staff is effective and efficient managing your arrival and departure on Bali. A Wakatobi representative meets you as you get off the plane in Bali and makes sure your connections and accommodations work. On departure day from Bali to Wakatobi they are on hand to greet you, manage your luggage, and provide a relaxing location for your wait for the plane to Wakatobi. Upon returning to Bali the staff again manages your connections and accommodations.

The Wakatobi island staff is equally effective and efficient. The (mostly European) dive staff is as good as any resort we have been to, and the indigenous support staff is attentive to your needs. For photographers, there is an excellent camera room, and the resident photographer, if in attendance, is very helpful.

All in all a wonderful location.

Wakatobi has the best reefs that we have seen. The accommodations are first rate, and the food is the best (tied with Little Cayman Beach Resort) we've had. The boats are comfortable. While they are slow, the distance to the reefs is very short, so transit time is brief.

Unfortunately, it is expensive and difficult to get to Wakatobi, which limits our trips there. We fly into Bali, Indonesia. We stay in Bali a couple of days minimum because we want to make sure a missed connection doesn't ruin our vacation and to give time for any lost luggage to catch up to us before we take the small plane to Wakatobi. That plane only flies at the beginning and end of a trip, so missing the plane means a 2 1/2 day trip on public transportation (busses, boats and ferries) getting to Wakatobi. Lost luggage, of course, will sit in Bali until you return unless the Wakatobi staff on Bali handles getting it to you.


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