Tom & Ginnie
Underwater Photography

This is a slideshow of photographs that we took in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji in August 2010. We stayed at Lalati Resort. Temperature was 77F (25C) with visibility between 100' (30M) and 70' (20M) at most sites. Diving locations depended on the current. For photography we specifide low current sometimes requireing that the dive boat search several locations before finding suitable conditions. Fortunately the dive boat was fast.

The house reef visibility depended on when one dives it. On a high incoming tide (dive so that you finish as hight tide peaks the visibility is as much as 30-50' (9-15M). At low tide the visibility is as low as 15' (5M)

Our favorite dive site was undoubtedly Coral Cove which we dove three times without visiting the wreck. Nudibranch City was a close second.

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